Block b dating

At the time, both agencies confirmed the relationship by stating, "The two leaned on each through difficult times and began to develop feelings for each other." Although Zico and Seolhyun have gone their separate ways after 6 months of being together, they plan to remain close sunbae and hoobae.

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He was such a dorky boyfriend and how your brother usually had an eye on you he knew what was pretty much going on.

But mainly what Yookwon say was how weird the two of you were together- *gif*Taeil: -Zico.

However, their attentions were later turned to Zico when some netizens claimed the man in the photos was the Block B member.

Koreaboo cited the singer-rapper was quick to address the issue and denied having an intimate relationship with Sulli.

In an official statement released by YG Entertainment, the BIGBANG member reportedly said that the rumors are groundless.

"We personally asked G-Dragon, and he said, as he laughed, that the rumors are false and make no sense," the agency said as per Soompi.

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I’d hate it if I had a sister who wouldn’t tell me things like this. You were Kyung’s twin and it was quite obvious and he slowly started seeing the similarities to the point he’d watch your movements. You were Taeil’s little sister many people saw it working out.

Just to see if you guys had similar walks as well- “does Kyung’s butt move like her’s? Their was many picture on his phone of the two of you and your brother saw his lockscreen was of the two of you- “we were being cute that day”B-Bomb:- U-Kwon.

He had your two brothers to worry about but they soon picked up the fact he was mad for you.

To the point neither of them really had time to talk to you because Taeil always was talking to you- “no no stop we aren’t done talking yet. I think Jiho will be taking the computer from me”U-Kwon: -Jaehyo.


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