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A DMSC official said that the subsidised napkins were sold by Usha Multipurpose Cooperative Society, commonly known as Usha Bank formed in 1995.

60-70 thousand packets of sanitary napkins were sold from the counters of Usha bank and Durbar to sex workers in Kolkata, every month.

They have however welcomed the zero percent tax on condoms as it will help to bring down the chances of AIDS.

If there is no action from the government’s side, we will go for a three-day strike from August 24, which may also be a hunger strike,” he added.

The tax is likely to increase the prices of sanitary napkins, which might compel the sex workers to switch back to the use of cloths, considered to be unhygienic.

“In 2000, the rate of usage of sanitary napkins among sex workers was 20 per cent and now more than 85 per cent of them use sanitary napkins,” Samarjit Jana, an official of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), the umbrella organisation of the sex workers, told PTI.

My friend's son found out about her and hanged himself. I have two lives and this is how it must be," the woman said. The experiment was so successful that in time, 65,000 sex workers across the country would join this collective.

Two weeks of intensive counselling takes place to ascertain whether these women are minors, and whether they have been trafficked.

Over the last five days, almost 1,000 sex workers from India and 42 other nations including Kenya, Mexico, Uganda, China and Indonesia been discussing access to drugs, promoting safe sex, and loopholes in HIV/AIDS policies, as well as interacting with participants at the Washington conference by video link. "Police have arrested me, clients have hit me when I ask them to wear a condom. On Tuesday, more than 5,000 sex workers - including heavily made-up transgenders in wigs and saris and bare-chested African men - walked through Kolkata's street, carrying banners and chanting "U.

"It has been proved that if you can succeed in controlling transmission amongst sex workers, you can be rest assured that you will not face an epidemic. and the rest of the world need to see that," said John, a 30-year-old sex worker from Nairobi. We are part of the solution." Trust Law is a global hub for free legal assistance and news and information on good governance and women's rights run by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

They must be part of the discussion." A study published by the Lancet Journal of Infectious Diseases in March showed that female sex workers' risk of HIV infection is 14 times higher than those of other women, adding this was a "disproportionately high" burden of the disease.

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