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That will keep them looking new for so much longer and will help you avoid holes and/or tears in the soft leather." — Alyssa Vingan Klein, editor in chief, Fashionista"One secret I hide vehemently is the state of my sunglass collection; it's what some may describe as out of control.From staged conversations to jealousy-inducing cameramen, "The Bachelor" is one emotional roller coaster for contestants. Lucky for you, we’re back this week with more juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits former contestants have spilled.I introduced myself and learned she was there all alone. Yes, I’d love to go out with you.” We dated briefly, then life and our careers took us in different directions.I struck up a conversation and learned that “Suzanne” (name changed) was a model and actress who recently moved to New York after working in Hollywood. Related: Recognizing Opportunity is the First Step to an Entrepreneurial Mindset To make a long story short, she rarely dated. (Ironically, the word intimidated contains the words timid and dated in it.)Sounds a lot like sales and entrepreneurship doesn’t it?There's the Michelin-starred restaurant, the swanky suites, the rooftop Blue Spa and Lounge with panoramic city views, a private cinema and to top it all off, Palais Montgelas, the adjoining early 19th-century palace.Excepting its combination of luxury and history, however, what sets this 171-year-old hotel apart is that it houses one of the best of Munich's traditional Bavarian restaurants and, in Night Club, one of Germany's best live jazz venues. But what you might not know is that oftentimes, the real partying and at-sea romances are going down on the lower decks, where the ship’s crew lives and plays. D.” Bruns, a former cruise ship waiter and author of  Cruise Confidential, a series of books based on his life at sea. Some of us, flush with memories of the whirlwind romances on the TV show The Love Boat, maybe even seek a real-life shipboard love affair.

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No iron or steamer required." — Adele Tetangco, co-founder, Garmentory"If you're investing in a pair of pricey shoes—especially flat ones like Gucci loafers or Chanel ballerinas—go get them resoled immediately before wearing them.Given the fluid nature of the travel industry, however, some listings may fall out of date before guides can be updated.The best practice is to confirm current information on official websites before making plans to visit any business or attraction.We talked, enjoyed a couple of cocktails, then at the end of the evening I said, “I know you must get asked out all the time, but I really enjoyed talking to you and would love to see you again. ” There was what felt like an eternity of silence, which in reality was probably more like five seconds. It wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive or wasn’t intelligent. Dating Suzanne taught me an invaluable lesson about entrepreneurship and sales.Suzanne was Ivy League educated, articulate, witty and had natural beauty. The age-old expression “It’s lonely at the top” rings incredibly true.“The best thing about working on cruise ships — they’re like wild parties.


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