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At the time of writing this thesis there is only one - and very recent - publication devoted to Gypsy and Traveller Law, which examines existing law in England and Wales.The objective of this thesis is to provide a critique of the relevant law.Gypsy Travellers effectively live on the fringes of society and represent one of the most discriminated against minority groups.Legal study has been neglected throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, including Scotland, regarding the application and interpretation of legislation, which may assist in protecting this community.As a result of this social exclusion the community has a lower life expectancy Invariably, Traveller accommodation sites are located on the periphery of settled communities with a lack of adequate site provision for the numbers of Travellers nationally.This avoidance by society of the community has led to discrimination and social exclusion.The findings further solidify our understandings of the benefits cultural diversity brings to the workplace and confirms the important role that plays in cherishing and celebrating that diversity.You can download the full factsheet here and references are available here.

The Communication Cards are a tool for enhancing communication with clients in their preferred language. These resources have been removed as they are no longer current due to the aged care reforms.- Options in Aged Care- Accessing Aged Care Services- Residential Handbook- Residential Care and Services Guide- Community Care Client Guides: CACP, EACH and EACHDPlease sign up to receive updates on our Home Page for notifications of new resources.

In the 21st century, employers are faced with a number of challenges, including increased competition for talent, adapting to the realities of increased workforce and customer diversity, and responding to the impacts of globalisation.

The Scanlon Foundation has partnered with the Diversity Council Australia to bring you a factsheet, collating research on the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

But the harsh reality is that Gypsies and Travellers face disadvantage and discrimination in almost all walks of life including in key public service areas such as accommodation provision and planning, education, health, employment and criminal justice.

Recent research shows that the public hostility to Gypsies and Travellers is unmatched by that shown towards any other community even asylum seekers and refugees.


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